Pickup Locations

Customer Pick Up

All trailers on this website can be picked up at our retail sales lot located at 4644 Vickers Crossing – Ambrose, Georgia 31512.

Pickup hours at this location is from 9am to 3 pm Monday through Friday e.s.t.

After hours or weekend pickup (by appointment only) there will be a $50 pickup fee

Shipping to your door – Current Rates

We can have trailers shipped by our crew to your door for less than anyone! We are fully licensed & insured and carry D.O.T. Authorities to travel in any state. We can ship this way any day of the week.

Note: Trailers must be paid for in full (including freight) before they can be shipped.

Size 1: 4×6 single axle to 7×18 tandem axle $1.35-$1.50 per mile from factory using Google maps

Size 1: 8.5×14 to 8.5×36 tandem axle $1.50 per mile from factory using Google maps

Shipping to TA Center near you

We offer “flat-rate” shipping to the following TA Travel Centers. For more info on these stores visit: www.tatravelcenters.com

This is a convenient location where the customer can feel safe. A well lit enviroment where you can inspect your trailer, have room to hook to your trailer, and even gas up or eat while you are there. These facilities offer internet connections, phones, showers, restrooms, etc. to make your travel experience more enjoyable.

Simply look for the pickup location closest to you. This needs to be lined up with your sales associate and scheduled according to the shipper’s schedule. We will help you get it all arranged and make it easy to get your trailer.

Choose your location below for price & link to website in that area for directions, fuel prices, restaurants, etc. Note: Choosing this option may delay the delivery of your trailer due to filling loads by a customer order/finish basis. If you need your trailer faster, choose the shipping to your door option above.

Location 1: Tampa, Florida (Flat-Rate price is being updated)

Location 2: Florence, South Carolina (Flat-Rate being updated)

Location 3: Vero Beach, Florida (Flat-Rate price is being updated)

Location 4: Tuscaloosa, Alabama (Flat-Rate price is being updated)

Location 5: Mobile, Alabama (Flat-Rate price is being updated)

Location 6: Knoxville (WEST), Tennessee (Flat-Rate price is being updated)

Location 7: Memphis – West (Arkansas), Tennessee (Flat-Rate price is being updated)

Location 8: Richmond, Virginia (Flat-Rate price is being updated)

Location 9: Lafayette, Louisiana (Flat-Rate price is being updated)


Note: You must be on time or near time as possible. If you want your trailer brought to you in case you are running late, there is a $1 per mile charge from that meeting point to be paid in cash to the driver for his overtime/gas, etc.

Ask your sales associate for details, appointments & questions. 1-866-995-0336